TTL Poem Posts

ttl rssHere is an index to the posts about Taliessin through Logres.

Introduction to “Taliessin through Logres”— by Sørina Higgins. This post gives suggestions on how to read this dense book of poetry and provides an overview of the plot and themes.

Then follow individual posts by guest writers, each commenting on one of the 24 poems in this collection.

1. “Prelude” — Crystal Hurd
2. “Taliessin’s Return to Logres” — Charles Franklyn Beach
3. “The Vision of the Empire” — Matthew Rettino
4. “The Calling of Arthur” —one by Arthur Harrow and one by Charles Franklyn Beach
5. “Mount Badon” — David Llewellyn Dodds
6. “The Crowning of Arthur” — Charles Franklyn Beach
7. “Taliessin’s Song of the Unicorn” — Jennifer Raimundo
8. “Bors to Elayne: The Fish of Broceliande” — Robert Ghrist
9. “Taliesin in the School of the Poets” — Grevel Lindop
10. “Taliessin on the Death of Virgil” — Andrew Stirling MacDonald
11. “The Coming of Palomides” — Charles Huttar
12. “Lamorack & the Queen Morgause of Orkney” — Robert Ghrist
13. “Bors to Elyane: On the King’s Coins” — Andrew Stirling MacDonald
14. “The Star of Percivale” — Jennifer Raimundo
15a. “The Ascent of the Spear” — Ben Utter
15b. “The Ascent of the Spear” — Yannick Imbert
16. “The Sister of Percivale” — Elise Erikson Barrett
17. “The Son of Lancelot” — Brenton D. G. Dickieson
18. “Palomides before His Christening” — Charles Huttar
19. “The Coming of Galahad” — Jennifer Raimundo
20. “The Departure of Merlin” — David Russell Mosley
21. “The Death of Palomides” — Charles Huttar
22. “Percivale at Carbonek” — David Llewellyn Dodds
23. “The Last Voyage” — David Llewellyn Dodds
24. “Taliessin at Lancelot’s Mass” — David Russell Mosley