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Christian Symbolism

Here’s an odd little item for your contemplation: Christian Symbolism, supposedly written by “Michal” Williams. ‘Michal’ is the somewhat unflattering nickname CW gave to his wife Florence, but which stuck so hard she even chose it as her nom de … Continue reading

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Theatre Games: Summary of Early Unfinished Plays

Welcome back! Don’t forget about the CFP for Gardeners of the Galaxies: How Imaginary Worlds Teach us to Care for This One. Do you have a friend, colleague, or student who might be interested? Please forward it to them! Last … Continue reading

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Notes on “Magnum Opus” Part 3

Please check out post one and post two about the Inspector Lewis episodes “Magnum Opus,” all about Charles Williams. Let’s proceed! Hathaway starts explaining CW’s distinctive ideas to Maddox: Charles Williams believed in a living breathing spirituality in which we … Continue reading

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Notes on “Magnum Opus” Part 2

The Charles-Williams-themed two-episode story of Inspector Lewis will air in the US this Sunday, so I’m blogging about it in some detail. Here’s yesterday’s post. Now, onward! Yesterday, I ended with a quote about how the Way of Exchange is … Continue reading

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Notes on “Magnum Opus” Part 1

I was delighted and honored to have this blog appear in a two-episode story on the British detective show Inspector Lewis last fall. I love Lewis, and I hope I can get my hands on all the seasons; I’ve only … Continue reading

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An Introduction to “Taliessin through Logres”

An Introduction to Taliessin through Logres This post is meant especially for those of you who have never read Charles Williams’s Taliessin through Logres, who have tried to read it but given up, or who have read it but felt … Continue reading

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Charles Williams’s Multiverse

I’m re-reading (or at least skimming through) CW’s early volumes of poetry in preparation for my keynote speech at the Taylor Colloquium in about a month. I’m struck anew by how powerful some of these early poems are, once the … Continue reading

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What Happens When a Bander Snatches

I recently served on a jury. It was a powerful, intense, positive, transformational experience. Interestingly, since I’ve just read Diana Glyer’s Bandersnatch and am thinking about my upcoming keynote speech about Charles Williams and collaboration, the trial was about artistic … Continue reading

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“It’s Heaven to Be with Her”: Summary of “He Came Down From Heaven”

Don’t forget to read the story I posted yesterday, about what would happen to the Inklings if the Germans won WWII! “It’s Heaven to Be with Her”: Summary of “He Came Down From Heaven” He Came Down From Heaven is … Continue reading

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Charles Williams was drunk-texting on Christmas

Apparently, if you believe @Oddest_Inkling, Charles Williams and C. S. Lewis went on a road trip on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In case you missed it, here’s what CW tweeted out (plus a few interjections from his followers). Road … Continue reading

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