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Christian Symbolism

Here’s an odd little item for your contemplation: Christian Symbolism, supposedly written by “Michal” Williams. ‘Michal’ is the somewhat unflattering nickname CW gave to his wife Florence, but which stuck so hard she even chose it as her nom de … Continue reading

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TTL 8: “Bors to Elayne: the Fish of Broceliande.” — by Robert Ghrist

Here is Post #8 in the Series on Taliessin through Logres! Please visit the INTRODUCTION to this series first, and here is the INDEX to the other posts in the series. Today’s post is by Robert Ghrist. Robert Ghrist is … Continue reading

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“It’s Heaven to Be with Her”: Summary of “He Came Down From Heaven”

Don’t forget to read the story I posted yesterday, about what would happen to the Inklings if the Germans won WWII! “It’s Heaven to Be with Her”: Summary of “He Came Down From Heaven” He Came Down From Heaven is … Continue reading

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Vote for your favorite CW book!

Here is a poll to determine which of CW’s many works in a variety of genres is currently his most popular. It follows the order I discussed in my “Reader’s Guide for Beginners.” If you have only read one of … Continue reading

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Our Hearts Are Restless: Guest Review of “Rochester” by Karl Persson

This book summary was written by my colleague Karl Persson of Signum University. Karl has an MA from the University of Regina with a focus on Early Modern literature (Milton) and a PhD in Old English literature from the University … Continue reading

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Charles Williams was drunk-texting on Christmas

Apparently, if you believe @Oddest_Inkling, Charles Williams and C. S. Lewis went on a road trip on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In case you missed it, here’s what CW tweeted out (plus a few interjections from his followers). Road … Continue reading

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Mysticism, Magic, and Marriage: “The Greater Trumps”

Charles Williams Book Summary #25: The Greater Trumps (Gollancz, 1932) Hooray! At last I get to write about another one of the novels. It has been far too long. I often feel that I do penance, slogging through the slow … Continue reading

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The Chaste Wanton

The Chaste Wanton is the second drama contained in the volume Three Plays: The Early Metaphysical Plays of Charles Williams, published in 2009 by Wipf & Stock. It is a reprint of an edition published by Oxford University Press in … Continue reading

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King Solomon’s TARDIS: “Many Dimensions”

It’s old, it’s new, it’s borrowed, it’s blue! It’s the TARDIS! No, wait: It’s new, it’s old, it’s stolen, it’s gold! It’s… the Stone in the Crown of Suleiman ben Daood, King in Jerusalem. This tiny, square, cream-colored stone is … Continue reading

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What do you want to know about “Faith and Fantasy”?

Dear Readers: In addition to moderating a panel on “The Inklings and King Arthur” at Mythcon 45, I am also serving on a panel on “Faith and Fantasy” in the brilliant company of Carl Hostetter, Lynn Maudlin, and Chip Crane. … Continue reading

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