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Making A Myth: “Amen House Poems”

Charles Williams Summary #9: “Amen House Poems” and “An Urbanity” Before reading this post, I recommend that you read these: All’s Fair in Love: CW’s life 1908-1939 Torn by Doubt: CW’s “Crisis of Schism” An Introduction to Amen House In … Continue reading

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Updated Mythcon Proposal

I sent out my panel discussion proposal to Mythcon 45 on Friday. Here is the updated text of the proposal–again, I have left out the names of the participants until everything is confirmed. Do let me know if you are … Continue reading

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On Meeting Shakespeare

Happy 450th birthday, Shakespeare! This past Wednesday–23 April 2014–was the traditional date on which we mark the Bard’s birthday. We don’t really know what day he was born on, but he was christened on this date, April 25th, and died … Continue reading

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100 Love Poems: “A Century of Poems for Celia” (1926-27)

Charles Williams Summary #8: “A Century of Poems for Celia” (1926-27) Charles Williams might justly be called one of the greatest English poets of married love: after all, he used his courtship of his wife as the basis for his … Continue reading

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News: Mythcon 45 proposal

In connection with my work on The Inklings and King Arthur, I am sending in a proposal for a panel discussion at Mythcon 45. I include the proposal here just for fun, in case you’re interested. I withhold the names … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Amen House

The next several works by CW that I’m going to be summarizing were all written during his happiest years of work at Amen House, the London Offices of Oxford University Press. I have written before about how important his workplace … Continue reading

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Your Wife is Jesus: “Outlines of Romantic Theology,” c. 1924

We’re back to the book summaries! This is the posting of summaries of each of CW’s books, one book per week, in chronological order, that I was doing for a while and then abandoned at the end of January. I … Continue reading

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