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“It’s Heaven to Be with Her”: Summary of “He Came Down From Heaven”

Don’t forget to read the story I posted yesterday, about what would happen to the Inklings if the Germans won WWII! “It’s Heaven to Be with Her”: Summary of “He Came Down From Heaven” He Came Down From Heaven is … Continue reading

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Vote for your favorite CW book!

Here is a poll to determine which of CW’s many works in a variety of genres is currently his most popular. It follows the order I discussed in my “Reader’s Guide for Beginners.” If you have only read one of … Continue reading

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All Luck is Good Luck: “The Death of Good Fortune”

I’m in such a cram-packed phase right now—finishing The Inklings and King Arthur; working diligently on a novel and a series of short stories for a couple hours a day; teaching at two colleges; serving as Dept. Chair at a … Continue reading

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King and Priest and Sacrifice: “Seed of Adam”

Book Summary #34: Seed of Adam, 1936. As I wrote in my previous post on Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury, Charles Williams wrote many plays during his lifetime, and many of them were commissioned for special occasions and were performed. This … Continue reading

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1931: “The Place of the Lion” summary

I have already posted so much about The Place of the Lion here on this blog that you may wonder why I am writing on it again. After all, I had that 8-post series of guest writers on this novel, … Continue reading

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“How to Handle the Hallows” video

Here’s the recording of my talk at Mythgard’s conference, MythMoot III, thanks to Dr. Ed Powell.

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Heresy for Easter: “The Rite of the Passion” (1929)

The Rite of the Passion is the final drama contained in the volume Three Plays: The Early Metaphysical Plays of Charles Williams, published in 2009 by Wipf & Stock. It is a reprint of an edition published by Oxford University … Continue reading

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King Solomon’s TARDIS: “Many Dimensions”

It’s old, it’s new, it’s borrowed, it’s blue! It’s the TARDIS! No, wait: It’s new, it’s old, it’s stolen, it’s gold! It’s… the Stone in the Crown of Suleiman ben Daood, King in Jerusalem. This tiny, square, cream-colored stone is … Continue reading

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“War In Heaven” debate part 4

Please read part one, part two, and part three of this debate before reading this final installment today. Thanks! ME: …I’m going to jump right in onto a quote from your letter: “Why would anyone believe something as strange and … Continue reading

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“War In Heaven” debate part 3

Please read part one and part two before reading this installment today. Thanks! Orphan Ann: Concerning my dissatisfaction with War in Heaven, you said that “the more important question is whether the elements you mention are flaws in CW’s book … Continue reading

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