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A Confusion of Court Cards

A while ago, I wrote an introduction to a new edition of CW’s novel The Greater Trumps, then this fall taught a couple classes on it, so I re-read the book more closely than ever. It’s a very, very beautiful … Continue reading

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“The Marriage-Craft”: Novel Occult Sexuality

CW Was Such a Character Each investigation into Charles Williams’s life and work reveals new depths of his occult involvement and new peculiarities of his theological system. I have found this to be true whether I am reading his own … Continue reading

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How the occult helps my faith

I have promised that as I go through my PhD program, I’ll post bits of my writing that are related to Charles Williams or the Inklings. Here’s a draft of a “reading notebook” entry I made for my class on … Continue reading

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Notes on “Magnum Opus” Part 3

Please check out post one and post two about the Inspector Lewis episodes “Magnum Opus,” all about Charles Williams. Let’s proceed! Hathaway starts explaining CW’s distinctive ideas to Maddox: Charles Williams believed in a living breathing spirituality in which we … Continue reading

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Notes on “Magnum Opus” Part 2

The Charles-Williams-themed two-episode story of Inspector Lewis will air in the US this Sunday, so I’m blogging about it in some detail. Here’s yesterday’s post. Now, onward! Yesterday, I ended with a quote about how the Way of Exchange is … Continue reading

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Notes on “Magnum Opus” Part 1

I was delighted and honored to have this blog appear in a two-episode story on the British detective show Inspector Lewis last fall. I love Lewis, and I hope I can get my hands on all the seasons; I’ve only … Continue reading

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CW Was a Socialist? Summary of “Judgement at Chelmsford”

Judgement at Chelmsford is a pageant play, written for a church setting. The Diocese of Chelmsford was about to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 1939, and the theatre director Phyllis Potter, with whom Williams had worked before, commissioned him to … Continue reading

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All Luck is Good Luck: “The Death of Good Fortune”

I’m in such a cram-packed phase right now—finishing The Inklings and King Arthur; working diligently on a novel and a series of short stories for a couple hours a day; teaching at two colleges; serving as Dept. Chair at a … Continue reading

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The Dawn of the Age of CW: Mini-Review of “The Third Inkling”

The official biography of Charles Williams, Charles Williams: The Third Inkling, written by Grevel Lindop and published by Oxford University Press, is scheduled to be released tomorrow! I have had an advance copy for a few days now, and let … Continue reading

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Charles Williams and Doctor Who, part 2: Cabbalistic beliefs about words

Countdown to Doctor Who Season 9! Two days to go! Yesterday I wrote about The Nature of Time. Today, let’s talk about WORDS. Words of power. Magic words. In the Harry Potter universe, speaking the right words (even inaudibly) has magical … Continue reading

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