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“The Marriage-Craft”: Novel Occult Sexuality

CW Was Such a Character Each investigation into Charles Williams’s life and work reveals new depths of his occult involvement and new peculiarities of his theological system. I have found this to be true whether I am reading his own … Continue reading

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Review of a review of “The Third Inkling”

  Lucasta Miller has written a review over on the Independent entitled “Grevel Lindop, Charles Williams: The Third Inkling: ‘Oxford’s other fantasy figure.’” The subtitle of her post is “A beautifully written biography sheds light on CS Lewis and Tolkien’s … Continue reading

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What Surprised you in “The Third Inkling”?

Dear Readers of The Oddest Inkling: in late December or early January, I’d like to run a post on what we all learned from reading Grevel Lindop’s new bio, Charles Williams: The Third Inkling. Please send me no more than … Continue reading

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The Dawn of the Age of CW: Mini-Review of “The Third Inkling”

The official biography of Charles Williams, Charles Williams: The Third Inkling, written by Grevel Lindop and published by Oxford University Press, is scheduled to be released tomorrow! I have had an advance copy for a few days now, and let … Continue reading

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The Official Biography is Days Away!

Grevel Lindop’s official biography, Charles Williams: The Third Inkling, published by Oxford University Press, will be released in a fortnight! I hope you have already placed your pre-order. While you’re waiting for it to arrive: Read this article Grevel wrote … Continue reading

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Follow Grevel Lindop: The Biography is Near!

Extremely exciting news in the Charles Williams world: the publication of Grevel Lindop’s official biography is just about 4 months away, and Grevel is tweeting CW facts in preparation! Go follow @GrevelLindop right now!

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Death, two days late

Friday marked 70 years since Charles Williams died. It’s an important milestone, an important date on which to examine his legacy–not least because some of his works come into the public domain now. There were a few posts about CW … Continue reading

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The Inklings: Their Lives, Loves, and Literature

Are you getting ready to watch the upcoming Hobbit film? If so, considering learning a bit more about the lives of the Inklings — Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams — before immersing yourself in the so-called “Defining Moment of the Middle-earth … Continue reading

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The Biographical Fallacy?

Hear, ye, hear ye! Calling all lovers, haters, and ambivalent readers of Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien! Calling all fan-girls and fan-boys of Ender’s Game, Dune, Watership Down, the Hobbit films, and Doctor Who! Calling those who are … Continue reading

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Here are two important pieces of CW-related news. (1) The text of The Chapel of the Thorn will be ready to send to the publisher in a day or two! I have finished editing and re-editing the text. Three people … Continue reading

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