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CW’s Nativity Plays

Although Charles Williams is known more for obscurity and difficulty than for compelling drama, he was capable of the latter, and wrote a few “unusually intelligible” Nativity plays. These include Seed of Adam (1936), The Death of Good Fortune (1939), … Continue reading

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Theatre Games: Summary of Early Unfinished Plays

Welcome back! Don’t forget about the CFP for Gardeners of the Galaxies: How Imaginary Worlds Teach us to Care for This One. Do you have a friend, colleague, or student who might be interested? Please forward it to them! Last … Continue reading

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From Thaumaturgy to Dramaturgy: A Dissertation Summary

Hello, dear readers, if readers there be after all this time! I have emerged from my PhD studies, greyer and (I hope) wiser than before, heavier by dint of all that study, the collective traumas of these two years, and … Continue reading

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Tiny Intro to the Canterbury Plays

A dear friend and fellow scholar asked me to give a little explanation of what the “Canterbury Plays” were. I’m delighted to do so, especially in their Charles Williams connection. In 1928, the Canterbury Cathedral revived the tradition of liturgical … Continue reading

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CW Was a Socialist? Summary of “Judgement at Chelmsford”

Judgement at Chelmsford is a pageant play, written for a church setting. The Diocese of Chelmsford was about to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 1939, and the theatre director Phyllis Potter, with whom Williams had worked before, commissioned him to … Continue reading

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What’s the Next Test? “Grab and Grace”

We are back to book summaries today; it’s another of CW’s plays. But first, please go vote for your favorite Charles Williams work in this week’s poll! Grab and Grace or It’s the Second Step This is another straight-forward play … Continue reading

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Vote for your favorite CW book!

Here is a poll to determine which of CW’s many works in a variety of genres is currently his most popular. It follows the order I discussed in my “Reader’s Guide for Beginners.” If you have only read one of … Continue reading

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Love is Death? Guest post on “Scene from a Mystery”

Today’s book summary is a guest post kindly written by the great CW scholar Richard Sturch. Richard was born in 1936 and holds a BA (Oxon) 1958, MA 1961, and D Phil 1970. He was ordained in the Church of … Continue reading

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Looking for reviewers

I still have a few review copies of The Chapel of the Thorn remaining. I am looking for reviewers who: a) know the works of Charles Williams b) have something of a good publication records in either scholarly or popular … Continue reading

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Unusually Intelligible: “The House by the Stable”

Now, this is a sweet, simple, profound, and moving play. It is very, very good. I know I have high praise for the latent or potential value of such early works as The Chapel of the Thorn or The Silver … Continue reading

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