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TTL 8: “Bors to Elayne: the Fish of Broceliande.” — by Robert Ghrist

Here is Post #8 in the Series on Taliessin through Logres! Please visit the INTRODUCTION to this series first, and here is the INDEX to the other posts in the series. Today’s post is by Robert Ghrist. Robert Ghrist is … Continue reading

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Our Hearts Are Restless: Guest Review of “Rochester” by Karl Persson

This book summary was written by my colleague Karl Persson of Signum University. Karl has an MA from the University of Regina with a focus on Early Modern literature (Milton) and a PhD in Old English literature from the University … Continue reading

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Charles Williams was drunk-texting on Christmas

Apparently, if you believe @Oddest_Inkling, Charles Williams and C. S. Lewis went on a road trip on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In case you missed it, here’s what CW tweeted out (plus a few interjections from his followers). Road … Continue reading

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The Chaste Wanton

The Chaste Wanton is the second drama contained in the volume Three Plays: The Early Metaphysical Plays of Charles Williams, published in 2009 by Wipf & Stock. It is a reprint of an edition published by Oxford University Press in … Continue reading

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The Inklings: Their Lives, Loves, and Literature

Are you getting ready to watch the upcoming Hobbit film? If so, considering learning a bit more about the lives of the Inklings — Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams — before immersing yourself in the so-called “Defining Moment of the Middle-earth … Continue reading

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The Biographical Fallacy?

Hear, ye, hear ye! Calling all lovers, haters, and ambivalent readers of Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien! Calling all fan-girls and fan-boys of Ender’s Game, Dune, Watership Down, the Hobbit films, and Doctor Who! Calling those who are … Continue reading

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“Nor Fish Nor Flesh”: Gerry Hopkins Tells All

Life is far stranger than fiction. Life narrated in fiction in even stranger. You might not believe the following story (I scarcely do myself), but it is “true,” in some sense or other. Ready? Sometime around 1926, CW fell in … Continue reading

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100 Love Poems: “A Century of Poems for Celia” (1926-27)

Charles Williams Summary #8: “A Century of Poems for Celia” (1926-27) Charles Williams might justly be called one of the greatest English poets of married love: after all, he used his courtship of his wife as the basis for his … Continue reading

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Your Wife is Jesus: “Outlines of Romantic Theology,” c. 1924

We’re back to the book summaries! This is the posting of summaries of each of CW’s books, one book per week, in chronological order, that I was doing for a while and then abandoned at the end of January. I … Continue reading

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The Silver Stair part 2

Two days ago, I posted the first half of my summary of The Silver Stair. Today, I discuss the major themes that are present in this early work of poetry. This early sonnet sequence, written when Williams was in his … Continue reading

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