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Guest Post by Stephen Barber on “Poetry at Present”

A few weeks ago I posted my book summary of Poetry at Present, CW’s first published work of literary criticism. Now here is a guest post by the excellent CW scholar Stephen Barber, on that same book. You can read … Continue reading

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How to Handle the Hallows: proposal for Mythmoot III

I have just registered for Mythmoot III: Ever On. This is the Mythgard Institute’s annual conference. Please check it out; I would love to see you there! You can read about my experience last year here, on Curator, where I … Continue reading

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News: Looking for CSL-related books, movies, and plays

Dear Reader: As Review Editor of Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal, it is my privilege and responsibility to track down all the new books, movies, and theatrical productions related to C. S. Lewis: his life and his works. We desire … Continue reading

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Mythgard: the gateway drug

Dear Reader! Mythmoot, Midmoot, Mythcon, Mythgard… What is all this? Recently I have been spamming my friends and family with emails trying to convince them to sign up to take classes at Mythgard Institute. Not to neglect you, dear Reader, … Continue reading

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The Oddest Inkling at Mythcon part 4: Two Panels and Ten Costumes

Sunday was the last week of Mythcon, so this is my last summary post (but not my last summery post, d.v.). Tomorrow I’ll put up something about Mythgard, and then next week we will have a guest post on Poetry … Continue reading

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The Oddest Inkling at Mythcon part 3: If you can’t win by reason, go for volume

Saturday at Mythcon 45 was an excellent day. It began well with a panel on teaching Tolkien at the college level, with Corey Olsen (my hero and new boss), Verlyn Flieger, Chip Crane, Kristine Larsen, and Brian Walter. They talked … Continue reading

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More Mythcon: Reblogged from A Pilgrim in Narnia

Fellow Inklings Blogger Brenton Dickieson has a post up today entitled “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth… Or At Least Pass the Pepper,” about his experiences at Mythcon 45. Here are a couple of my favorite paragraphs; please click on the … Continue reading

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The Oddest Inkling at Mythcon part 2: Screwtape and Beowulf

Demons and Monsters and Myth-making? Yes, please. Remember I wrote recently that my earthly Eden is a moveable feast? This past weekend, it moved to Wheaton College in Massachusetts, where Mythcon 45 was held. This conference is an enjoyable compromise … Continue reading

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The Oddest Inkling at Mythcon part 1: Faith and Fantasy

When this post goes live at 2:00 pm EST on Sunday, August 10th, I will be participating in a panel about “Faith and Fantasy” at Mythcon 45 with Chip Crane, Carl Hostetter, and Lynn Maudlin. Below, I’ve posted the thoughts … Continue reading

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Heroines and Humility part 2

Yesterday, Dr. Crystal Hurd shared her thoughts about the heroines The Place of the Lion and That Hideous Strength in Heroines and Humility Part I. Now here is part II. Heroines and Humility: How Charles Williams Shaped C.S. Lewis’ That … Continue reading

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