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Charles Williams & Dennis Wheatley: Writing of Dark Forces Part 2

Guest Post by G. Connor Salter G. Connor Salter has a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing from Taylor University. He has presented on the Inklings and related figures to Inkling Folk Fellowship, and contributed his thoughts to A Pilgrim … Continue reading

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“The Marriage-Craft”: Novel Occult Sexuality

CW Was Such a Character Each investigation into Charles Williams’s life and work reveals new depths of his occult involvement and new peculiarities of his theological system. I have found this to be true whether I am reading his own … Continue reading

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The Inklings and Celtic Mythology

Oops. I haven’t posted on here in a while. I didn’t finish my series on the “Magnum Opus” Inspector Lewis episode. I haven’t continued my book summaries of CW’s works. What happened?!?! Oh, the little matter of a PhD. That’s … Continue reading

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Almost a Great Poet: CW Edits Gerard Manley’s Hopkins

In 1930, Robert Bridges asked Charles Williams to edit and introduce a second edition of the poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins. He did, and it was published by Oxford University Press. Williams wrote of Hopkins’s work: “It is arguable that … Continue reading

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Charles Williams and the F.R.C.

This is the second post in a short series about Charles Williams and the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. You can read the first post, about A.E. Waite, here. Charles Williams, a devout but skeptical Anglican, began reading the works … Continue reading

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A Little Song that Must be Heard: Alice Meynell’s Early Influence on CW

In graduate school, I wrote a paper on a Victorian poet, Alice Meynell. I later found out that she had an important early influence on Charles Williams; she and her husband financed the publication of his first book. The entire … Continue reading

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