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What did Everybody Think about Everything? Shakespeare’s Universal Poetics

Charles Williams Book Summary #28: Reason and Beauty in the Poetic Mind (1933) Here on The Oddest Inkling, we are in a bit of dry phase in the book summary series—or at least, that’s what I thought before I began … Continue reading

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The Poetry of Crisis: “The English Poetic Mind”

Charles Williams Book Summary #24: The English Poetic Mind (1932) Here we are with another book summary. Today it is CW’s second work of literary criticism: The English Poetic Mind. It was published in 1932 by the Clarendon Press. Hadfield … Continue reading

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King Solomon’s TARDIS: “Many Dimensions”

It’s old, it’s new, it’s borrowed, it’s blue! It’s the TARDIS! No, wait: It’s new, it’s old, it’s stolen, it’s gold! It’s… the Stone in the Crown of Suleiman ben Daood, King in Jerusalem. This tiny, square, cream-colored stone is … Continue reading

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Torn by Doubt: CW’s “Crisis of Schism”

As you know by now from this series on themes, Charles Williams’ imaginative theology and creative writings revolve around eight interrelated topics: 1. Co-Inherence 2. Romantic theology 3. The Two Ways 4. Ritual Objects 5. The Crisis of Schism 6. … Continue reading

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