Here is an index to some of the more central posts on this blog: Introductions, Themes, and Book Summaries. This index will be updated periodically.

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An Introduction to Charles Williams
A Reader’s Guide for Beginners
Charles Williams’ Personality
CW’s Writing Style
CW’s early life 1886-1908
CW’s life 1908-1939
CW’s life 1939-1945
Bibliography by Genre
A Chronological Bibliography
A Bibliography of Secondary Sources
Sources on A.E. Waite and the F.R.C.

1. Co-Inherence
2. Romantic Theology
3. The Ways of Affirmation and Negation
4. Ritual Objects
5. The Crisis of Schism
6. Mystical Tranquility
7. The City of God
8. Arthurian Legends and Metaphysical Anatomy


1. The Chapel of the Thorn
2. The Silver Stair: part 1, part 2
3. “Arthurian Commonplace Book

4. Poems of Conformity: part 1, part 2, part 3

5. Scene from a Mystery

6. Divorce: part 1, part 2

7. Windows of Night: part 1, part 2
8. Amen House Poems
9. Outlines of Romantic Theology

10. Shadows of Ecstasy
11. “An Urbanity”

12. A Century of Poems for Celia

13. The Masque of the Manuscript

14. The Witch
15. A Myth of Shakespeare

16. The Masque of Perusal
17. The Rite of the Passion

18. The Masque of the Termination of Copyright
19. Heroes and Kings: part 1, part 2, part 3
20. Poetry at Present
21. War in Heaven

22. introduction to the second edition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poems

23. Many Dimensions
24. The Chaste Wanton
25. The Place of the Lion summary
guest posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Heroines and Humility by Crystal Hurd part 1 and Heroines and Humility part 2

26. The English Poetic Mind
27. The Greater Trumps
28. A Myth of Francis Bacon

29. Bacon
30. Reason and Beauty in the Poetic Mind

31. The Story of Shakespeare

32. James I

33. The Detective Fiction Reviews of Charles Williams 1930-1935
34. “Et in Sempiternum Pereant.”
35. Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury
36. Rochester (guest post by Karl Persson)
37. Bethnal Green Pageant (a play in MS held in the Wade; anybody want to write a summary?)

38. Seed of Adam
39. Queen Elizabeth I

40. Descent Into Hell guest posts:
It Still Scares Me” by Suzannah Rowntree
Some of my Favorite Fiction” by John Zacharias
It’s Damned Unpleasant” by Doug Jackson
One of the Scariest Novels” by Philip Christman

41. Henry VII
42. Stories of Great Names 

43. He Came Down From Heaven
44. Taliessin Through Logres: index to the TTL poem posts (one guest post for each poem in the book!) 

45. The House by the Stable
46. The Death of Good Fortune
47. Judgement at Chelmsford
48. The Descent of the Dove

49. Terror of Light
50. introduction to The Present Age by Søren Kierkegaard (and publishing of the first English translations of many of Kierkegaards works)

51. The Devil and the Lady, or Frontiers of Hell
52. Grab and Grace, or It’s the Second Step
53. Witchcraft
54. Religion and Love in Dante

55. The Three Temptations
56. The Forgiveness of Sins

57. The Figure of Beatrice
58. Intro to The Letters of Evelyn Underhill

59. The Region of the Summer Stars

60. All Hallows’ Eve
61. The House of the Octopus

Posthumously Published
62. The Image of the City and other essays
63. To Michal from Serge
64. Letters to Lalage
65. Flecker of Dean Close
66. Arthurian Torso
67. The Noises That Weren’t There

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  1. mark freer says:

    The essays on Descent Into Hell were unfortunately not accessible just now.


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