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All Luck is Good Luck: “The Death of Good Fortune”

I’m in such a cram-packed phase right now—finishing The Inklings and King Arthur; working diligently on a novel and a series of short stories for a couple hours a day; teaching at two colleges; serving as Dept. Chair at a … Continue reading

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Our Hearts Are Restless: Guest Review of “Rochester” by Karl Persson

This book summary was written by my colleague Karl Persson of Signum University. Karl has an MA from the University of Regina with a focus on Early Modern literature (Milton) and a PhD in Old English literature from the University … Continue reading

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Looking for Book Reviewers

Dear Readers: I am looking for reviewers of the following books for Sehnsucht: the C. S. Lewis Journal. I am particularly interested in hearing from scholars who have previously published academic works on the Inklings, and who do not have … Continue reading

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On Ambiguous Villains: RIP Alan Rickman

There are quite a few surprising comparisons that can be drawn between the serious, obscure, adult literary works of Charles Williams and the delightful Harry Potter series. First, there is the matter of the Grail Hallows and the Deathly Hallows … Continue reading

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100 Facts about Charles Williams

Here is a reprint of Grevel Lindop’s 100 Facts about CW. Enjoy!

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King and Priest and Sacrifice: “Seed of Adam”

Book Summary #34: Seed of Adam, 1936. As I wrote in my previous post on Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury, Charles Williams wrote many plays during his lifetime, and many of them were commissioned for special occasions and were performed. This … Continue reading

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Down a Tolkien rabbit trail

Down a Tolkien rabbit trail; or, Why you shouldn’t trust Wikipedia; or, Why you should sign up for classes at Signum University right now. I am happy that I live in the 21st century–and I am delighted to be a … Continue reading

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The Inklings and Science Fiction

You are invited to take a fantastic class this spring: “The Inklings and Science Fiction,” taught by Douglas A. Anderson! You can take for it credit, or choose from two levels of auditing. Check it out HERE. It starts on … Continue reading

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