Bandersnatch and Creative Collaboration by Diana Pavlac Glyer

Here is an excellent, glowing review by Brenton Dickieson of Diana Glyer’s awesome book “Bandersnatch.” I love this book so much, I have a Bandersnatch hanging from my keychain to remind me to work with others! I’m giving a talk on collaboration at this upcoming conference: Enjoy Brenton’s post!

A Pilgrim in Narnia

old-typewriterI am a rapid writer, someone who works in fits and starts. I benefit from binges of work, closeted away to get down what’s been rolling around my chest for hours or days. It took a decade for me to figure this out—and another half-decade to be okay with it—but I know how I work best.

Still, even when my confidence is highest, I admire that slow and steady scholar, the artist who paints leaf by leaf, the writer who writes bird by bird.

Diana Pavlac Glyer is one of the latter kind of wordsmiths. I don’t know how long her The Company They Keep took to write from concept to cover, but it was at least a couple of decades. The painstaking investment of time, the careful scouring of archives and texts over years and years led to one of those rare scholarly achievements: a book that changes the…

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About Sørina Higgins

Sørina Higgins is a writer, English teacher, and Inklings scholar. Sørina serves as Chair of the Department of Language and Literature at Signum University and teaches English at King's College and Lehigh Carbon Community College. She has published two books of poetry, "The Significance of Swans" and "Caduceus."
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One Response to Bandersnatch and Creative Collaboration by Diana Pavlac Glyer

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Very enjoyable – thanks! And keep us posted in your talk, good stewardship of your time allowing!


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