Next Sunday: ‘Inspector Lewis,’ Starring Charles Williams

Remember when this blog appeared in an episode of “Inspector Lewis” last fall? Well, that episode is finally going to air in the USA, this coming Sunday! Don’t miss it! In honor of the US showing, I’ll blog in some detail about the show’s adaptation of facts and fantasies relating to Charles Williams. Stay tuned, and check out Hanna’s blog post, reblogged below.

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You may remember last Fall, there was a slight brouhaha among Inklings fans online when the British detective series Lewis aired an episode centering around a murdered Charles Williams expert and a shadowy cabal reminiscent of Williams’s own Companions of Co-inherence. The episode, whose premiere coincided with the publication of Grevel Lindop’s long-awaited biography of Williams, was titled “Magnum Opus” and appeared as part of Lewis‘s ninth season. The series airs in the US as well on PBS (where its called Inspector Lewis instead), but because of some odd scheduling, the numbering for the seasons is a bit off. So what was Season 9 for the Brits is Season 8 for us.

I mention this because Season 8 of Inspector Lewis premieres tomorrow on PBS. “Magnum Opus” is the second episode in the season, which means if you want to see it, next Sunday, August 14 is your chance.

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Sørina Higgins is a writer, English teacher, and Inklings scholar. Sørina serves as Chair of the Department of Language and Literature at Signum University and teaches English at King's College and Lehigh Carbon Community College. She has published two books of poetry, "The Significance of Swans" and "Caduceus."
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  1. Extollager says:

    This blog might have linked to Dr. Bruce Charlton’s review of the episode already. If not, here it is:


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