Interim Post: Three CW Projects

Hello there. This isn’t a real post, just an itty-bitty in-between post. I hope you enjoyed the Place of the Lion series. Next week we return to ordinary content with several bibliographical posts on CW’s works.

I have been traveling (on Monday evening I gave a poetry reading at Nyack College) and busy with several Charles Williams-related projects. I will, of course, post full details here on each as they come available. For now, however, if you are a followers of this blog, you get a special sneak-preview.

1. I am editing CW’s early play, The Chapel of the Thorn (1912), for publication by Apocryphile Press. You can read about this work here and here.

2. I am just beginning the early stages (queries, proposals, CFPs, invitations) for an edited volume on The Inklings and King Arthur. I have already had an offer from one publisher, and another is interested. I’ll post the Call For Papers on here soon. Meanwhile, if you subscribe to Mythlore or can access it digitally through your university’s library, check out Charles Huttar’s talk, published in the fall of 2007.

3. I just spoke with three professors at Nyack College about the possibility of putting together a conference on Williams in the summer of 2015. Again, stay tuned for more details as they develop — and, scholars, be thinking about proposals for either The Inklings and King Arthur or a Williams-only topic for the conference.


About Sørina Higgins

Sørina Higgins is a PhD student in English and Presidential Scholar at Baylor University. She also serves as Chair of the Language and Literature Department at Signum University, online. Her latest publication is an academic essay collection on "The Inklings and King Arthur" (Apocryphile Press, December 2017). Her interests include British Modernism, the Inklings, Arthuriana, theatre, and magic. She holds an M.A. from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. Sørina blogs about British poet Charles Williams at The Oddest Inkling, wrote the introduction to a new edition of Williams’s "Taliessin through Logres" (Apocryphile, 2016), and edited Williams’s "The Chapel of the Thorn" (Apocryphile, 2014). As a creative writer, Sørina has published two books of poetry, "The Significance of Swans" (2007) and "Caduceus" (2012).
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2 Responses to Interim Post: Three CW Projects

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Exciting news! Good luck with all of them!

    By the way, is it my ‘search machinery’, or is there really a problem with your second Chapel of the Thorn link?

    Readers who can’t wait for a taste of it can try my paper on it, “The Chapel of the Thorn: An Unknown Dramatic Poem by Charles Williams” read at the 1986 International Symposium for his birth centenary and subsequently published in the Inklings-Jahrbuch, volume 5 (1987), pages 133-52 – so far as I know, the first treatment of it (with quotations) in any language, since, as recently as Alice Mary Hadfield’s book, Charles Williams: An Exploration of His Life and Work (NY: OUP, 1983), it had been widely presumed ‘lost’ (see pp. 39 and 238, note 10 to Chapter 3). Ah, the short-circuits between various old friends of Williams, and subsequent scholars!

    The Inklings-Jahrbücher can be found in various libraries and collections around the world (they very kindly used to send us copies at the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society), the Inklings-Gesellschaft website handily lists the complete contents of each volume, and has information about how to order (back) copies. (Volume 5, for example, is available for 9.99 euro, and is full of interesting things, many in English!)

    I might add, by way of filling out your answer at the first linked post to Joe Christopher about other little-known dramatic works by Williams, that A Myth of Francis Bacon has been published by the Charles Williams Society in its Newsletter, nos 11 (Autumn 1978), 12 (Winter 1978), and 14 (Summer 1979) – as Mrs. Hadfield notes (p. 241, note 38 to Chapter 5).


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